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Rapid Typing Tutor 5.2

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Rapid Typing Tutor is a typing program for Windows computers that helps you learn how to type, no matter what type of keyboard format you have. View full description


  • Ability to turn sound on or off
  • Animated typing screen
  • Offers a variety of different lessons


  • Program sometimes sticks or freezes


Rapid Typing Tutor is a typing program for Windows computers that helps you learn how to type, no matter what type of keyboard format you have.

Learning how to type can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for newcomers. Most keyboards aren't set up alphabetically, so its format may seem complicated for those unfamiliar with it. Rapid Typing Tutor is there to help though. Whether you have a regular QWERTY keyboard or something a little less traditional, Rapid Typing Tutor probably has your keyboard format saved and available to use for typing lessons. The lessons also come in a great variety of different languages besides English.

Once you've chosen your keyboard and language settings, it's time to choose the lesson most appropriate for your skill level. Rapid Typing Tutor has everything from the most basic lessons to more advanced ones. You can choose to take lessons that teach you where specific letters are or lessons that teach you how to type different word sets.

Rapid Typing Tutor's set-up is quite convenient, as it offers a virtual keyboard, complete with a pair of hands that show you the appropriate placement for your hands on your own keyboard. Then, just follow the on-screen instructions. Rapid Typing Tutor will make a noise if you hit an incorrect key. If this becomes distracting, there is an option to mute the program. If you'd like a more scenic screen while learning how to type, Rapid Typing Tutor also offers an animated screen that moves forward every time you click the correct letter.

The only real hang-up a user might have with Rapid Typing Tutor is that the program does take up quite a lot of space on your screen. It also sometimes freezes up for a moment or two between screens, particularly when you have several programs running at once.

If you want to learn how to type at a quicker speed, however, give Rapid Typing Tutor a try.


  • The problems with Bold font, on some non-English version of Windows, is fixed;
  • The tabulation symbols is shown always in the lesson;
  • English course for experts updated;
  • Greek course for experts updated( tabulation symbols added ); thanks to geogeo.gr
  • German, Greek and Russian interface language updated;
  • Other minor bugs fixed;
Rapid Typing Tutor


Rapid Typing Tutor 5.2

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  • Fatma AL-Harthy

    by Fatma AL-Harthy

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    reviewed on August 2, 2017